Wolf Spider

Size: 3/8 ? 1 3/8? (female) 1/4 ? 3/4? (male)

Appearance: Usually dark brown, often with paler stripes or markings, or sometimes yellow with dark stripes or markings. Stout-robust body with long, spiny legs.

Habitat: Wolf spiders may enter structures in search of prey. Although they are not inclined to be permanent residents in structures, once inside, they often stay. Inside they tend to stay at or near floor level, especially along walls under furniture and other objects. Wolf spiders may be brought indoors with firewood. Outside they can be found under stones, landscape timbers, firewood, under decks in leaf litter, etc. They often rest in such sheltered places during the day.

Potential Harm: Because wolf spiders feed on a variety of insects, including crop pests, they can be beneficial. Wolf spiders can bite, but their bites are extremely rare. They will only bite if they are handled. The presence of wolf spiders in homes is usually accidental.