Sow/Pill Bug

Size: 3/4-inch

Appearance: Pill bugs have seven pairs of legs and two antennae. The outer cuticle is dark brown or black in color and is segmented.

Habitat: Unlike insects and spiders, pill bugs do not have good waterproofing cuticle wax. For this reason, they must live in damp locations or they will easily dry out. For example, according to Northern State University, woodlice would dehydrate and die within a day if kept in an environment with less than 50 percent humidity.

Potential Harm: Pill bugs play a role in decomposition. After feeding on decomposing plants, they return the organic material to the soil so it can be further digested into nutrients for growing plants. They’re also able to remove toxic metals from the soil during the digestion process. Pill bugs are not known to carry or transmit disease and cause minimal, if any, damage to live plants.