Mud Dauber Wasp

Size: 1/2 ? 1+? (12-25+ mm)

Appearance: Usually black, may have pale markings or a metallic luster. Long and slender with a thread-like waist

Habitat: Female mud daubers construct nests of mud. Many short mud tubes, usually about 1? long, are constructed side by side. They usually build their nests in a sheltered site, such as under eaves, porch ceilings, in garages and sheds left open, in barns and attics, etc. Nests typically exhibit round holes in them as the wasps emerge. This means the nest is probably old and inactive after springtime.

Potential Harm: Mud daubers do not defend their nests and only rarely sting. They are typically considered nuisance pests, and are actually beneficial as they help control spiders.