Wisconsin is home to a wide range of insects that can quickly become a nuisance if they’re allowed to invade your home unimpeded. To stop an infestation in its tracks or deal with one that’s already causing you grief, enlist the help of ANT’s Complete Pest Control. We go above and beyond the state standards for pest control, delivering solutions that are guaranteed to rid your home or business of unwelcome critters!

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We’re well-equipped with the products and knowledge to address a wide breadth of bug concerns. Some of the insects we’re frequently called in to deal with include:

asian beetles

Asian beetles

These ladybug-esque beetles are a nuisance in the summer months. Stop your home from becoming a hotbed of activity and call us for Asian beetle control in Wisconsin early in the season!

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boxelder bug

Boxelder bugs

Seeing more than a few of these unique bugs in and around your home? Call us for boxelder bug treatment in Wisconsin before a few turn into many and you’ve got a full-blown infestation on your hands.

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brown verigated stink bug


These odorous little bugs can cause a big stink! Contact us before they make your home or your office space less-than-pleasant.

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house cricket


Crickets can slowly drive you crazy if they’re not properly managed. Our team will make that chirping noise a thing of the past and help you sleep easy.

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If there are more than a few centipedes skittering around in your basement, bathroom or kitchen, give us a call. We’ll help you keep them down to a minimum.

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They say roaches could survive nuclear fallout… but they won’t survive ANT’s Complete Pest Control! Let our team make sure your roach problem is as good as gone.

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Earwigs are a common spring and summer critter in Wisconsin. If you’re sick of dealing with them in your home, let us make sure they don’t return this season.

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indian meal moth


Instead of watching moths incessantly flap around your home, do something about them! We’re standing by to reduce your moth population, which can draw bats and other nuisances.

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Are silverfish invading your sinks, tubs and floor drains? Instead of washing them down only for them to reappear, let us handle them once and for all.

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sow pill bug

Pill bugs

Pill bugs belong in your garden, not your home. If they’re making an appearance in your living space, count on us to treat your home. We’ll make sure they only appear outside from now on.

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Get Rid of Pests for Good

With a full breadth of capabilities and some of the best training the State of Wisconsin has to offer, ANT’s Complete Pest Control is your all-in-one pest control solution. Contact us today at 608-797-4051 to consult with us about your pest problem.