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The Best Ways to Save Your House from Asian Beetles

August 21, 2018

With autumn comes falling leaves, pumpkins, apple picking… and some very annoying pests. While we enjoy the crisp and cool weather and activities, there are some insects looking to stay warm. Asian beetles are among the worst offenders when it comes to this. These tiny beetles aren’t native to the U.S., but their populations have exploded to the point where any business that deals with pest control in WI has to exterminate them on a regular basis. The beetles prefer houses to the great outdoors when it gets a bit cool. The secret to dealing with them is proper prevention.... View Article

Five Bugs That Can Be Taken Care of with Pest Control in WI

July 23, 2018

For as long as humans have lived in houses, we’ve shared them with pests of all shapes and sizes. That makes sense, though—pests don’t want to be outside any more than we do! Plus, there’s tons of free and accessible food in your house. The good news is that getting rid of these unwanted visitors is easier than ever with the help of ANT’s Complete Pest Control in WI. Here are a few of the nasty pests we specialize in evicting from your home. Termites To the untrained eye, you might think you’re looking at an ant when you first... View Article

Bugs to Watch Out for If You Have Pets in Holmen, WI

May 23, 2018

We are not the only ones who find bugs and bug bites irritating and painful. Our pets are also bothered by the same pesky critters that lurk inside our homes and gardens. Some insects survive by latching onto our furry buddies, causing disease, while other insects will sting or bite our pets in defense of themselves. Then there are bugs that can make dogs and cats sick if ingested. Do you know which bugs you need to protect your pets against? Experts in the business of pest control in Holmen, WI agree that there are a number of bugs that... View Article

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