Bees & Wasps


Bees and wasps love to build their nests in areas of consequence to home and business owners. In the eaves above entryways, in nearby trees, in attics and basements, in garages and numerous other inconvenient areas. The problem is more than just the nuisance of bees and wasps buzzing around all the time—it can be dangerous to those with allergies and hazardous for pets.

Instead of getting out the ladder and hoping you don’t get stung while you try to take down a nest, call ANT’s Complete Pest Control for bee control in Wisconsin. We handle the problem swiftly and thoroughly, so you don’t have to worry about these flying terrors any longer than it takes us to get there.

Pinpointing Nests

We don’t advise you go looking for a bee or wasp nest on your property. If you find it, you’re likely also going to find a few stings and a whole lot of pain. Instead, keep your eyes peeled for any of these other indicators that bees and wasps may be present on your property

  • A concentration of bees or wasps in a localized area
  • Small honeycomb structures in corners or high places
  • Dead bees concentrated around a specific area
  • Pets avoiding a specific area

If you can spot a nest—such as one in the peak of your roof or in your garage, it’s a good idea to call for professional wasp control in Wisconsin right away. Store-bought products aren’t always immediately effective and can put you in harm’s way!

Put Your Wasps to Rest

ANT’s Complete Pest Control is your authority on bee and wasp removal and control. From yellowjackets to mud daubers and beyond, we put an end to flying nuisances, to protect your premises from the danger they bring with them. Contact us today at 608-797-4051 to schedule a consultation about how to best tackle the problem.