Bed Bugs

Not getting the good night’s sleep you should be? Waking up with redness, itching or general discomfort? You might have a bedbug problem. ANT’s Complete Pest Control is ready to make it go away. We’re your trusted experts for bedbug control in Wisconsin, delivering tailored services to every homeowner to make sure their bedbug infestation is short-lived and properly reconciled.

Bedbug Symptoms

The problem with bedbugs is that they’re most active while you’re asleep, making it hard to actually see them. By the time you wake up in the morning, they’re gone: scuttling back into their hiding places to terrorize you again the next night.

Just because you can’t catch bedbugs in the act doesn’t mean you don’t have them. Take a look at some of the other symptoms that can signal an infestation and the need for bedbug treatment in Wisconsin:

  • Red spots or stains on your bedsheets
  • Redness or itchy areas of the skin when waking up
  • A strong musty odor coming from your sheets, even after washing them
  • Uncomfortable sleep or frequent waking up during the night


Eradicating Bedbugs

Because bedbugs live adjacent to your sleeping area it can be hard to track them when the time comes to get rid of them. At ANT’s Complete Pest Control, we address bed bugs thoroughly and completely, making sure no area is left untreated. From your mattress and sheets, to closets and baseboards, to nooks and crannies throughout the room, we eliminate bedbugs wherever they nest.

In addition, we also help you take the steps to prevent them from coming back. This includes following up on a bedbug eradication, helping you spot possible bedbug entryways and teaching you how to neutralize possible stray bedbugs before they have a chance to multiply.

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