The Best Ways to Save Your House from Asian Beetles

August 21, 2018

With autumn comes falling leaves, pumpkins, apple picking… and some very annoying pests. While we enjoy the crisp and cool weather and activities, there are some insects looking to stay warm. Asian beetles are among the worst offenders when it comes to this. These tiny beetles aren’t native to the U.S., but their populations have exploded to the point where any business that deals with pest control in WI has to exterminate them on a regular basis. The beetles prefer houses to the great outdoors when it gets a bit cool. The secret to dealing with them is proper prevention.

Seal it up

Asian beetles typically get into homes through small cracks and crevices. If you use caulk and other materials to seal things up, they can’t get through. One vulnerable area is the place between two different construction materials, like where brick and wood siding meet. Another vulnerability you’ll want to seal is where wires and pipes come in. If they come in through holes that aren’t sealed, bugs and Asian beetles can get in through there, too. The pests like to congregate in these quiet places, emerging in large numbers on warm fall or winter days.

Repair and replace

A damaged or torn window or screen is an open invitation for insects. Providers of pest control in WI will tell you it’s one of the easiest ways for Asian beetles to get inside your home. Make sure to keep an eye on them and repair or replace them when they break or tear. Asian beetles will also get in through doors that aren’t sealed tight. You can install door sweeps on all exterior doors and put a rubber seal along the bottom of your garage door to keep the pests out. You can also contact a business that specializes in pest control in WI to ask about pre-treating your home with pesticides.

Dealing with the pests

In general, Asian beetles are relatively harmless. They’re not poisonous and don’t eat away at your home. They’re just very annoying and also exude a bitter, smelly aroma, especially if they’re squished. If they do make it into your home, you can vacuum them up, use insect light traps in dark locations or just wait for them to leave. They’ll be mostly dormant during the winter, and when the temperatures heat back up, they’ll head back outside. That’s when you should seal and treat your home to prevent a repeat infestation. You could also contact a company known for providing high quality pest control in WI.

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